Collection “Sapphire Dark”

Dining Room

The Sapphire Dining Room Baroque themed furniture brings an elegant and grandiose mood. The hand-made delicate drawings on the table and the gold-covered ornaments almost bring this furniture to life. A wonderful highly detailed mirror on the Buffet Console adds a touch of sparkle to the room, bringing a joyous mood for anyone in it.

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The Sapphire Bedroom Set is made for a rich sense of luxury. A royal atmosphere is provided by the textiles, details and colors. This Set is perfect for someone who values themselves and the environment where they are.

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Living Room

The Sapphire Living Room Set brings a sense of harmony and glory with its blue and golden tones. It is luxurious and sophisticated. Velvet textiles, golden ornaments and the contrast between brown and white bring on a mood one would love to share with his or her friends.

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