Return policy

The Customer has the right to cancel an order after having paid for the products available in stock before they are delivered, by sending an e-mail to info@kral.ee with the invoice number and the Customer’s bank account number. When canceling an order from the manufacturer, the Customer pays the product order fee from the 25% prepayment deposit. After receiving the products, the Customer has 14 days according to the Law of Obligations Act to get acquainted with the purchase. The consumer has the right to return the product upon an effective reason within 14 days after receiving the delivery.  An application to cancel the order and return the product must be written and sent to: sven@kral.ee. The Customer covers all return costs. The Customer has the right to choose between a personally selected transport method or the use of our transport service. Our transport service  include the next fees depending on the location: gas, daily price of the van and the cost of labor.

The returned merchandise must be undamaged. If the returned product has been damaged due the Customer, who has used the product for non-purposeful reasons, rebuilt, incorrectly assembled or incorrectly taken apart the product, which has caused damage due to the fault or carelessness of the Customer, Kral OÜ reserves the right to re-estimate and therefore recalculate the price of the refund due to the decrease of the value of the product.

In case the Customer disagrees with the presented value decrease in the recalculation of the refund, there is a possibility to confirm the decline of the product’s value or identify the responsible related to the situation with the evaluation of an independent expert. The evaluation costs will be redeemed by the party whose opinion has been proved unjustified.

The Customer will receive the refund no later than 21 business days starting the moment the seller has received a notice of the termination of the contract.