The history of Kral furniture begins in 1980, when the first product was made in Turkey.

Throughout the years, we have invested in classical elegance, which has resulted a high level of credibility among our customers. Handicraft and unique design are the keywords that define our products. A large variety of our furniture is inspired from the Louis XIV baroque era, whereas a lot of other sets have been influenced by classical Italian furniture. OÜ Kral has been on the Estonian market since 2017, bringing energy and vibrant colors into our Nordic atmosphere.

Kral offers furniture with emotion and value, where every piece is a work of art on its own.

Kind regards

Sven Aria
OÜ Kral Manager

Furniture making

Kral furniture is made as many masters handicraft.

A wooden prototype is carved according to the artist’s designs, for which the ornaments’ molds are selected. The handicraft ornaments are poured with the molds. Then the items are colored and their decorations are covered by hand with a special technique gold leaf or gold aluminium. Some of our furniture is decorated with hand-made paintings. All of our sets have been polished with high-shine, one of the most time-consuming processes. The colored surface is polished many times with different water papers and then polished with a special paste for a lasting shine.

Different materials are used in building Kral furniture:

  • Red beech brought from Africa;
  • High-density MDF plaques;
  • The ornaments are specially poured with a crack proof mix in Germany;
  • The high-quality fabrics are made in Turkish textile manufacturers with long traditions and vast knowledge;
  • All items are polished with high shine.

Our works

Private: A warm and cozy atmosphere in the Kral Dark Living and Dining Room

The Kral Dark Living and Dining Room Set is a perfect compliment in an flat or smaller area. A variety of modest single-toned walls bring out the Kral Set’s influence as the furniture itself is so dominant.

Used products:

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Private: A complete interior design solution at Villa Victoria

From the marble floors and our furniture all the way to the specially custom-made curtains - this luxurious and delicately designed Living and Dining Room offer a variety of exclusive emotions to both the residents and visitors at the villa. The Sehzade Bordeaux Set decorates the Living Room while the Dining Room has been furnised with the Kral Dark Set.

Used products:

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Private: The exclusive Sehzade Bordeaux Bedroom

The Sehzade Bordeaux Set flatters the bedroom of a local Tartu villa. A romantic floral wallpaper accompanied by a red carpet and curtains perfectly compliment the Sehzade Set, forming a complete and luxurious accord.

Used products:

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