Collection “Sehzade bordeaux”

Dining Room

The Sehzade Dining Room Set baroque themed furniture catches the eye with a rich decor and strong contrasts. Round surfaces and strong furniture ends are just like symbols of success and power. Such furniture will make every meal enjoyable.

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The Sehzade Bedroom Set is truly majestic, bringing the room a sense of glory from centuries ago. Bordeaux-toned velvet surfaces with rich gold details create a mood in which one can easily feel royal in a room, happy with oneself, which all provides a good night’s sleep.

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Living Room

The Sehzade Living Room Set furniture differs from others with its rich ornaments decorating the sofas and armchairs, giving the massive furniture a touch of lightness and fresh air. Surfaces covered in „old gold” add dignity. Despite its luxurious appeal, the Set gives the room a warm and comfortable feeling.

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